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Functional features


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The fashionable Haoqing is an economical sedan car dedicated to the consumers. It is designed on the basis of the similar vehicle types. The brand new interior trims create a modern driving space. The color of the body and the color of the seats match each other very well, making the whole vehicle harmoniously beautiful. Haoqing Bright Star demonstrates the individuality to the max extent.

The individualized seats make the internal space warm and comfortable. The multiple regulation system of the seats enables you to adjust the position of the seats as you wish, so that you feel more comfortable in your trip.

Streamline instrument panel, individualized interior trim, wonderful steering wheel, and easy joystick all embody the design idea of individualization and remarkable performance-price ratio. The power steering unit makes your trip easier, more comfort and more secure without any restriction. Everything is in your hand.

The rotary A/C switch, which can be easily operated, enables you to control the interior temperature as you wish. The stereo electronic FM and sound unit is the highlight of your wonderful trip.

By operating the power switch on the side of the driverís seat, you can control all windows, locks as well as the rear view mirrors as you wish, making your trip infinitely interesting. For details about this model please contact with us...

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Maple vehicle is a synonym of quality, fashion and practicability. In Maple series, you can find vehicles that have the afore-mentioned features, and display your personal style. In addition, Maple has a range of unique personal decorations and devices, which are as attractive as Maple vehicles.

Maple sedan cars has 1.342L electronic fuel injection engines, which are featured by strong power, quick acceleration, prompt response, full torque, easy operation, as well as good fuel efficiency.Product of the time, crystallization of technologies, representative of fashion, curve like flowing cloud and running water, driving idea characterized by importance of people, all these are to make a better world.

Maple vehicles demonstrate the pioneering spirit of a new age, gather the wisdom of Chinese nation, and create a set example for vehicle to penetrate into families.

Drive the time, and lead the future!

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